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Healthy habits can last a lifetime, especially when they’re established early on. That's why the Future Well Kids program is partnering with schools and community organizations around the world to help teach children, ages 10-13, about choices they can make that set them up for future health. The program’s hands-on, standards-aligned curriculum educates students about the important role nutrition and exercise play in helping them live a fuller, healthier life without noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. At the end of each school year, participating students share what they learned and present their solutions to creating a healthier community.


Future Well Kids is a program from the healthcare company Abbott and its foundation, the Abbott Fund.

For Educators

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Future Well Kids provides fun, flexible, and adaptable project-based educational materials that encourage healthy behaviors linked to the reduction and prevention of noncommunicable diseases. Your students will learn about proper nutrition and regular physical fitness and why they're so important for health.

For Employees

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Future Well Kids provides Abbott employees with the skills and tools needed to become a volunteer and the opportunity to positively impact the health of children in their communities.


When we give kids tools to make healthier choices, we’re empowering them to be their best. At their healthiest, they can achieve their potential and contribute great things to the community.
Melissa Brotz
President, Abbott Fund