Future Well Kids has helped inspire both students and Abbott volunteers, with learning sessions that encourage a lifelong commitment to healthy living. Hear what some of our employee volunteers have said about their experiences.

“I like how engaged we are with the kids in the Future Well Kids lessons. The interactions are a blend of personal experiences with education and this combination seems to be effective at influencing change.”

– Sam Wicoff, Sylmar, California

“My first experience was AMAZING. I liked the kindness and readiness of our students, they listened to us and worked to understand the topics we taught during the session.  They were also eager to participate in the activities during the lesson. I cannot thank you enough for including me in this amazing Future Well Kids program.”

– Angela Escobar, Bogota, Colombia

“The Future Well Kids program is important, as it is a wonderful way for children to learn about healthy habits. We aim to make the lessons fun and interactive so that the children come away from the program with an educational message that was delivered in a fun way. The program is also important for me, as a volunteer, because it gives me something to do outside of my everyday job duties at Abbott that makes a difference and is fulfilling.”

– Gretchen Burns, Columbus, Ohio, United States

“Volunteering with Future Well Kids is such a rewarding experience! Seeing the students’ excitement and engagement during lessons is such a great feeling. Knowing the potential impact we could have on not only these students’ health but also their future careers as they learn more about what the Abbott volunteers do at Abbott each day, is so amazing!”

– Cassandra Avila, Sylmar, California, United States

“What I liked the most about this experience is how receptive the teachers and the children were to our lesson, they were interacting with us and were interested in what we were teaching them. I also learn from the lessons as well, knowing all the benefits exercise and proper nutrition can have on my health, helps encourage me to develop healthy habits.”

– Martha Valencia, Cali, Colombia

“Some kids don’t have the best support outside of the classroom, so if we can shed even a glimpse of knowledge and building blocks on how to be healthy, we’re succeeding.  It’s a great feeling to be giving back & helping kids learn to be healthier.  I also get to meet people from different areas inside Abbott. Volunteering with Future Well Kids is  just plain FUN!”

– Katie Galvin, Columbus, Ohio, United States

“Like most volunteers, I was a bit nervous the first time I entered the classroom but the kids really put me at ease! They were so funny, so easy to talk to and they really had such positive energy that was completely infectious. Once I left I couldn’t wait to go back and chat with them some more.  I loved coming back to the classroom each time.  After we taught a nutrition lesson, it was fun to “check up” on my fussy eaters and see if they had tried any new healthy foods. It was such a success when they had, even if they didn’t like it, as I knew that we were helping make little healthy changes in their lives.”

– Noinin Cullen, Dublin, Ireland

“Future Well Kids make me feel like every minute with the students matters.  Sharing our lessons and watching them learn has been quite possibly one of my best adventures ever!”

– Cynthia Edwards Martinez, Mexico City, Mexico